Why do I use Vandenabeele Premium Mixture

Why Vandenabeele Mixture of Beyers?

I prefer this mixture because it digests very easily. In the past I had issues with digestion. My pigeons were too blue and too heavy. Thanks to the Vandenabeele mixture of Beyers I get my pigeons to the correct weight.

Why is this Important with Hens?

I play for over 25 years with hens. Having food that digests easily and contains almost no proteins reduces the pairing tendency of hens dramatically. This is very crucial in widowship, which is part of my game.

When you play hens, you need to race them every week in the racing season. When they get Vandenabeele mixture, you can keep feeding them. They are always hungry and never have the sense of being full.

My system is based on very tight portions with a maximum of 30 gram per day and even less in hot weather. So they need very tight feeding on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays. Only on Thursdays, and on the small middle distance on Fridays, they get extra food such as fat or sunflower seeds but 90% is Gaby Vandenabeele mixture.

Big Middle Distance

When I move to Big Middle Distance in the racing season I ensure that they eat enough.

With the Vandenabeele mixture this is easy to control since it contains paddy rice. When a little bit of the paddy rice is left over you know that your pigeons had enough to eat and are ready for the next race.

Moving to 100% Vandenabeele Mixture at 3 months of age

With my youngsters I start with Premium Super Breeding of Beyers with a little bit of  Premium Super Moulting of Beyers.

Then I switch to 50% Premium Super Moulting and 50% Gaby Vandenabeele mixture.

14 days later, at the age of 3 months, I switch to 100% Gaby Vandenabeele mixture.

This helps me to motivate them to train. For people that have issues with pigeons sitting on the roof rather than training I advise to start feeding them tight with Gaby Vandenabeele mixture. Within 14 days they will enjoy training without issues.


I had the 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB Small Middle Distance in 2019 and 27 Provincial victories.

Especially with the system where I play my hens every week on 400-500 km.

I don’t go any further because I think that I might need other pigeons and other feeding systems in that case.

So if you want to play hens on widowship on a weekly basis at 400-500 km, Vandenabeele mixture of Beyers is the product to use.

Rik Cools

Why Beyers

I use Premium mixtures of Beyers. Premium in my view equals high quality and the ingredients have to be top. One of the main components of the Vandenabeele mixture is corn. I notice that my pigeons eat the corn first before they start on the other ingredients. This is important since corn provides the sugar and energy Cools, Rik – Ruiselede – Beyers Belgium