The Success Story of Victor Sanchez in the US and Mexico

Bruce Gordon

How it all started

Bruce Gordon from Seattle-Washington in the USA visited our place in  2010. He came with his friends in the Rick Mardis Group. We had a very nice time together looking at our pigeons, discussing tips & tricks. And…they brought some pigeons back home.

This was the start of  long-lasting success story. For the last 13 years the Cools pigeons have dominated the region of Seatlle-Washington and Guadalajara-Mexico; mainly thanks to Victor Sanchez who is a very good club member friend of Bruce. All of Victor his pigeons come from Bruce and they are Cools Pigeons.

Who is Victor Sanchez and what is the link to the Cools Pigeons

  • Victor was born in 1988 in the city of Los Reyes in Mexico and moved to the Seattle, Washington area in 2003.
  • In 2011 he built his first loft and started racing his birds in 2012
  • 2012 was also the year that Victor met Bruce Gordon and later that year he managed to acquire 7 birds from Bruce. All 7 were from Rik Cools.
  • He raced his birds in the Top Gun Club with good success from 2012-2019.
  • Since he also started his own painting business at that time he had to stop competition. The combination of both was too much; his work schedule just didn’t allow it.
  • So Victor started sending birds to various young bird One Loft Races (OLR) in Guadalajara, Mexico. From 2015 till today, he competes in 4-5 different OLR each year. Those races have up to 50.000 birds participating.
Victor Sanchez

My best and most consistent prize winners in the races are Rik Cools birds. They are winning each year, both straight bred and crossed

Victor Sanchez

Some of the successful Cools Pigeons

Over the years Victor had dozens of successful pigeons; all going back to the Cools Pigeons. He sent four of them as an illustration of his recent successes. As you can see in the pedigrees of Chip Cools, Cools Diamond, Cools Gold and Cools Marathon,  a few key pigeons keep coming back:

1) “Lucy” BE06-3701618. Lucy is a child of Frieda BE99-3103770 (sometimes written as Fryda) from our loft  and Bliksem BE98-3158062 from Gaby Vandenabeele. Co-breeding between both gave many successful pigeons. Two of the best known are Mona BE04-3069721 at Gaby’s place and De Schone Bliksem BE04-3001609 at our place.

Also Cools Marathon is based on Lucy since BE10-3179519 is Lucy x Chipo and BE11-3123522 is the daughter of Lucy. BE10-3179539 is De 501 x Gina. Gina is the sister of Lucy.

Lucy is the granddaughter of Bieke and Bliksem. “De 501” BE05-3176501 comes from the same line.

2) “Son Marieke” BE09-3040112. Marieke is the famous hen of our loft. Marieke was 1 Ace Pigeon KBDB WVL 2008 and the mother of many successful birds as Lady Messi, Rooney, De Kleinen, …

3) “Landuytje” BE09-3103776 comes Superke and the sister of Bieke

3) Turbo BE09-3188007, a famous breeder,  is 100% Vandenabeele. BE10-3179535; great-grandfather of Cools Marathon is Turbo x Xena

4) Poseidon BE06-3101628 is 100% Vandenabeele and  grandson of the top breeder Neptunus BE99-3199708

We are very happy with such a nice reference and wish Victor Sanchez every success with his pigeon racing.

In the meantime Bruce Gordon retired and stopped pigeon racing. We are very greatful though that he visited us and was at the start of such a nice, successful colony.

Of course both gentlemen are more than welcome to our place!!